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If you’re already astounded at the idea of animation (I mean, drawing every frame?  I can’t even make two eyes look the same), then you would have been blown away at this amazing Apple event on Thursday October 2nd.  The Chicago based design studio, Sarofsky, gave a special presentation of the work they do, specifically their work with the main title sequence on the hit show Community AND the amazing end credit sequence in the second installment of Captain America, at the Apple store in Lincoln Park.  Now this is not to say that their work is distasteful, it’s just super ding-dong hard!!  Finding the right illustrations and making sure that every frame looks right and fits with the sequence takes a lot of time and effort.  In the presentation, we were shown dozens of still shots, multiples for every character represented, and some only slightly different than the one before it.  In addition, when it came to working on Captain America, they also had to fit the sequence to the stereoscopic style, or 3D, and the 4K quality of the film.  And while I personally am not an aspiring animator in any sense, I did leave the presentation with a greater appreciation for what design studios do.

I also got to speak personally with the presenters, creative director Erin Sarofsky (middle) and chief technology officer Matt Crnich (left), about the process and studio environment.  One of the big things I took away from our conversation is that they mostly use, when they’re not working on stereoscopic projects like Captain America, the Adobe program After Effects, which is a widely accessible program.

All in all, the presentation was definitely worth the time, and I look forward to seeing more of Sarofsky’s work in the future, including their work with the newest Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy!

If you want to know more about Sarofsky, visit their website or head over to their Vimeo to see their previous work!  Here are the links to the projects we got to see at their presentation- Community ( and Captain America (

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