This Mother’s day was all about the food! From early in the morning until it started to get dark, my family and I worked for hours to make this Mother’s day one of the best yet, and our key ingredient to success was good food!

019One of my primary influences for the ‘feast-ivities’ of the day came from a DIY Mother’s day gifts video by Rosanna Pansino which you can check out here!

We started the day the way most people enjoy starting Mother’s day with a nice breakfast in bed. We used Rosanna’s heart egg and toast idea to change it up a little, but my mom still got her morning coffee and some fruit to sweeten her meal.

Then after sending her off on a walk with our brothers followed by a Swedish massage, my sister and I got to work on our ‘afternoon snack’, which personally I thought was the most fun part of the day. We made two different treats from Rosanna’s video: the cupcake bouquet and the melon heart kebabs. I was responsible for making the cupcake display, which let me tell you, took so much longer than I thought it would, and my sister was in charge of making the cupcakes. She decided to make some white cake cupcakes but made the icing lime flavored because it is one of our mom’s favorite flavors. Once we had that pretty much taken care of, we started on cutting out small heart shapes out of melons; that task was extremely messy but super fun and it turned out so lovely! With some plates and cups as well as some limeade to drink and some Ghirardelli almond and sea salt chocolates spread on the table, we had a quick indoor family picnic to hold us over until dinner.

Mother's Day 1


Mother's Day 2

Now I was not in charge of dinner, that was a job completely for my dad  and youngest brother to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean it was any less  delicious. With my mom in mind, my dad decided to make ribs, some  with just a dry rub and others coated in barbecue sauce, smoked to  perfection and amazingly tasteful. He also made some Asian coleslaw,  smoked baked beans, seasoned and grilled Brussels sprouts (my mom’s  favorite) and green beans. It was an amazing meal with a variety of  flavors and textures. It was extremely spicy too and so I didn’t eat nearly  as many ribs as my parents.

All in all, this Mother’s day was definitely a hit, while also bringing to the table maximum taste! Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the whole world! I hope you found it as yummy as I did!