I have been waiting so long to bust out my summer style, but alas it was too cold…until now!  And while I have more than enough summer-style outfits to show you, I have picked one of my favorites to share with you as my first ever look for summer!  In this post, I will be showing you the whole look as well as breaking it down to the little details so you can see how I wore it, including accessories, hairstyle and makeup.  So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

016The Outfit:

I like to look summery, especially when the weather allows it, but I also love to wear things that are as equally cute as they are comfy.  The summer dress I’m wearing is from Rue 21. It’s soft and thin and not too clingy or too loose.  While it is definitely a pink dress, I felt the best compliment to its pattern is light brown and bronze.  The gladiator shoes I’m wearing from Arizona not only compliment the color scheme of the dress, but the casual nature of the outfit as a whole.  Not to mention they are also comfortably cute!  The jacket was a last minute addition.  During the height of summer, it is probably unnecessary to wear a jacket out and about, but for this month, as well as for late night adventures, it is definitely a practical addition.  I personally find it hard to wear a jean jacket right, but I found that with this outfit, it went quite well with the rustic color scheme and casual nature as well.

The Accessories:

Now we can delve into the little details of the look.  An outfit altogether can look great without accessories, but I 010truly believe that an outfit shines best when complimented with just the right accessories to make it look like all items in question were made for one another.  For jewelry, I went for the metallic bronze/gold color to match our rustic color scheme, and I continue to tie everything together by using the same ‘character’ for each piece: the owl.  I just so happen to have a necklace and two different pairs of earrings with owls on them, lucky for me, so I took advantage of it and used them to pull the look together.  The other accessory I added to this outfit was my brown sunglasses.  What makes a look more summery than a pair of sunglasses?  Especially ones that match your outfit so well!






Close Up:

LoveKelRenee UpCloseLast, but certainly not least, let’s look a little closer at the makeup and hair006 I used for this look.  Casual, to me, is expressed best in a messy look.  I was debating whether to make this look with a messy bun, but I felt it worked better with a messy half-up half-down look.  If you’d like to try out this hairstyle, just start by pulling the front of your hair back like you would for a traditional half-up half-down look, but when you start to tie it up, stop halfway through pulling your hair through the hair tie so you have a loose bun in the back of your head.  The makeup was an easy part, in my opinion, with my Naked 2 from Urban Decay pallet, which pretty much matched the color scheme of my look in almost every color.  I used to color Tease on my lids and Booty Call on my brow bone along with some light brown eyeliner from Ulta and mascara from L’Oréal to make my eyes fit right in without Eye Makeup 2stealing the show.  I am also a huge fan of Naked products and thus took S1010030advantage of my foundation and Flushed (bronzer/highlighter/blush, I use the blush the most) to smooth out and color my face.  In addition, I always use some Ulta concealer and eye primer when I put makeup on just as a base for the look as a whole.  And a soft pink (and matte!) lip crayon from Ulta primed with some Burt’s Bees chap stick gave just enough pop to finish off this look.