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What Makes Borough Market British Food?

At approximately 10 o’clock on a Wednesday morning, Borough Market hums quietly, practically buzzing with potential energy. It will take less than an hour for the small roads that connect each little stand to fill up with curious customers, but for now, the space is filled with a quiet calmness one might feel before a storm. This soft energy…

Interview with Myself

While it seems self-centered to focus on my own struggles, I wanted to make this post not as a reflection of my own hardships, but as an enlightening upon the hardships one faces when introduced to foreign environments. Whether you are also studying abroad this year, or simply starting a new school or job, I want this interview to serve as a way to better understand the emotional turmoil that comes with drastic change, and that it is far from abnormal. You are not alone.

Where to Eat|Insomnia Cookies

It’s that time of year again; no, I’m not talking about holiday spirit and crazy Christmas shopping and cheer. No no, this is much worse. That’s right, it’s finals week.

New ‘Tuesday’ Video

It’s a little later than I hoped it would be, but here’s my latest Tuesday video, a project I did for one of my production classes.