Yes, it can!

Hello everyone, and welcome to LoveKelRenee’s very own BLOG!  If you don’t know about me, head on over to the About page for a brief overview!

This post is going to be very simple: an introduction to this blog!

Something I passionately admire, so much so I decided to pursue a career in it, is film; not just viewing of films, but the process and detail that goes into them.  And I wanted to be able to share that passion with people not only in the film industry, but also other film lovers that don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes in their favorite flicks!

On this blog you will see many different things including updates on my YouTube channel and on any film projects I do or participate in.  You will also see general film related posts on things that I am learning in my classes or even just things that are related to film!

I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together!