Review|The Missing Picture

This week I decided that I would review something that I was required to watch in my media theory and criticism class called The Missing Picture.


Hey everyone, and welcome to another Review post where I fangirl over some of my all-time favorite films and recommend them to you!

My Ultimate Movie Goal!

I know it might seem like a mundane topic to discuss, but in reality, if I’m going to be blogging about my film work and the works of others that I find particularly moving or motivation, I think I should share what I want out of my own filmmaking experience.


The good thing is I absolutely fell in love with this film and that’s why I’m reviewing it today.

The Amateur’s Brief Guide to Performance Filming

So, while this will by no means be your guide to making professional performance DVDs, I hope that you can use it to treasure your child or sibling's big moment on stage no matter their level or desired skill.

Interested in Film History?

In one of my film classes, I was introduced to an amazing Netflix series called The Story of Film: An Odyssey that provides an excellent source of knowledge for film history.

The Camera

Interested in filming your own mini-movies at home? Here are some camera tips and tricks to optimize your shoot and get the most out of your material!

Looking BEYOND the Movie

There is so much to learn when it comes to filmmaking, and sometimes, especially if you’re learning it for a class like I am, it can be difficult to keep things straight...

Interview with a Film Professor

I had the amazing opportunity, thanks to a University 101 assignment, to interview my Intro to Video Production teacher, Jeff Harder!