The history of film can be very helpful in understanding filmmaking as a whole.  Now you can read about film history in books, but there is a way to take your studies even further.  In one of my film classes, I was introduced to an amazing Netflix series called The Story of Film: An Odyssey that provides an excellent source of knowledge for film history.  It is fifteen episodes starting from essentially the starting-point of cinema and ending with current day filmmaking.  I personally found this so helpful because it gives you so much information.  It tells you about famous filmmakers and their styles depending on the time period they worked in.  It discusses the technology used because, as you know, technology has changed a lot during films history.  It talks about the different styles of film including those of particular time periods such as German expressionism and French surrealism.  It talks about different aspects of filmmaking such as audio, cinematography, editing, and mise-en-scene also in the context of the particular time period.  It even delves into the business side of filmmaking as well.  And my favorite thing it does is it points out when certain phenomenon started; this includes the first close up, the first edit, the first non-studio shoot, and many other things.  It does this as well in a very aesthetically pleasing fashion.  The narrator, to me, is somewhat mono-toned, but it is honestly so worth sitting through.  So if you’re interesting in learning more about film history, I would highly suggest you check out this series.    (Trailer: