Recently I’ve fallen head over heels in love with EDM, or Dubstep, music.  And when I say recently I mean like in the last year.  I’ve always liked the newer, electronic-style music even when others claimed that it was inauthentic.  I believe it shows great musicianship to make music out of any instrument, digital or not.  And thus I’ve taken quite well to the genre.  I also love music (of any genre really) that has a good beat to it.

On a recent trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, I visited an exhibit on patterns that explained why we tend to like certain patterns over others.  The reasons lie in what we are used to seeing; things that are commonly found in nature are familiar to us and therefore we take a better liking to them.  For music, rhythmic beats that mimic naturalistic sounds like rolling waves or a beating heart are relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.  Of course this isn’t 100% true for everyone, but generally it’s how our brains function.  I personally find songs with many different overlapping rhythms to be very soothing and any song with an intense bass to be more relaxing.  It can, strangely, pump me up or put me to sleep depending on what mood I’m in.  The best thing about this kind of music is that it tends to be very uniform, although not entirely, and you can use it as background music or ‘white noise’ while doing other tasks.  I tend to have trouble reading or writing with music on, but when I do research or when I’m cleaning or even working on a project and doing a lot of hand-work, it’s nice to be able to listen to something without it taking up too much of my brain power to listen to it.  Now I’m not saying that this kind of music isn’t unique or diverse in any way, but it is easier for your brain to break down and for you to tune it to your liking.  But, as I said, everyone is different and this might not be the experience you get from this kind of music.

If you like this genre, or are interested in it, and have iTunes radio on your phone, I highly suggest getting the Dance Workout station as it plays some of my favorites, as well as a great variety of other songs so you can listen to new things all within this genre.  I will also be posting to my social media links (you can find them in the About Me page) a Spotify playlist that I’ve made with some of my favorite songs on it so you can listen with me (as my extremely cheesy title implies).

-If you have any suggestions for things I should try or listen to in the future, you can let me know by emailing me at