Lately I’ve been obsessed with a particular podcast that has been posted by one of my all-time favorite YouTubers, Tyler Oakley, called Psycobabble.  If you are a Tyler Oakley fan and haven’t already been listening to his podcast, I would highly suggest you start right this second!  His amazingly witty humor accompanied by the light-hearted banter he shares with his friend and co-host on the podcast, Korey Kuhl, are hilarious and super easy to listen to.  I find that these podcasts are great for pulling me out of a crap mood or distracting me from losing focus during a workout or a particularly long shower.

Right now I am ridiculously behind on Psycobabble updates, so I’m only on episode 15 of 52, but if I had to suggest a favorite so far, it would have to be a tie between Celebrity Conspiracy Theories and November’s Unsung Holidays.  I laughed so hard at these two; the topics are so unpredictable and unspecific that they can successfully cover a range of ideas in a single podcast and adlib it so perfectly.  I’m seriously loving this podcast, so you should take some time out of your day and check it out because it’s FREE on iTunes!!!