This month I picked an outfit that I’ve been raving about for almost a week straight.  You’d think that I would have picked something inherently Christmas themed for my outfit in the month of December, but I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this color style and theme that I had to put this as my look.  If you’ve seen my last haul video, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

 This outfit is extremely chill.  Simple jeans, long sleeve top and a cardigan sweater, simple jewelry, simple makeup, simple ponytail.  I do believe that sometimes we have to understand that looking good doesn’t automatically mean looking bold or extravagant.  Looking good means that when you look in the mirror at the finished product you are proud of your own work.  Two things about this look that just make me so happy: one, the sweater and two, the revelation.  I’ll talk about the sweater first considering that probably makes a bit more sense.  This particular sweater is from Charming Charlie (surprise surprise) and is part of the neutral table section of the store.  This is the section I was raving about in that haul video; I am in love with this color scheme.  The blushy pinks, the light and dark grays, the periwinkle blue, the adorable, soft patterning.  It gives me this feeling that I can’t quite explain; it’s like when you look at a still lake just before sunrise when the world is still gray and there’s mist all around and the lake looks like a mirror so smooth that you could walk right over it.  That’s how this style makes me feel.  So I put on a darker gray shirt underneath the sweater and paired it with the blushy pink necklace I got a couple weeks ago and put on some soft colored makeup to match.  And voila!  My own personal masterpiece.

The revelation is a bit more complicated and doesn’t really have anything to do with the look itself.  I found myself in this style.  I had always known that body image was highly stylized by the media and some of the things we do in the fashion and beauty industry are more for pleasing the general public under these media standards.  I’ve always tried to ask myself why I do the things I do.  Why am I shaving today?  Why am I spending 30 minutes putting makeup on?  Because in addition to the media making girls think that there is a certain type of look that is beautiful, the other side is the girl community shaming every feminine thing as oppression under the media’s ideal image.  You’re not beautiful unless you shave, the media says, so the extreme feminist community says, you’re conforming to media ideals and should be shamed if you do shave.  What kind of community is that?  That’s so toxic and it’s coming from both sides of the argument.  So in creating this look, and creating looks in general, I found my happy medium.  Never will I compare my own beauty to that of the models in the magazines;  its a good jumping off point if you’re looking for good jewelry and sweater combinations, but it is a sorry excuse for a comparison.  And never will I refuse to do anything because it might look too feminine or too  masculine.  I will create my look, I will step back, and if I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and if I had fun putting it together, then it is beautiful.  End of story.  This goes into the idea of treating fashion and beauty as art and not personal value.

And that is the end of my weird PSA.  I know it was a bit rushed so I may elaborate on it at another time, but I hope you can learn to appreciate your own style and not manipulate it for anyone else.  As always, I’d love to get your feedback!  Leave a comment, tweet me, message me on Facebook or email me at  (All social media info is on my About page).