Back to school means looking great but feeling comfortable.  It also means not quite letting go of the summer style.

This is a great time to break out the maxi dresses and skirts.  These styles may be a bit warm during the peak of summer, but they bring out the ‘summer’ in your outfit by looking fresh and flowy.  When school is around the corner, these styles will keep you warm in the coming autumn, but you can still hold onto some classic summer style!


Colored Maxi Skirt: The bright coral of this skirt is a wonderful tribute to the summer season.  Complimenting it with a solid, muted color (in this case black) allows the color of the skirt to stand front and center stage.  I pulled my hair back in a simple, sleek ponytail and added some lightly colored jewelry and strappy sandals to add to the summery theme of this outfit.


Dress Maxi Dress: The nicest thing about wearing black is being able to dress it up however you want.  For this outfit, I used a collared blouse and white canvas shoes to make this look very casual.  I kept my jewelry simple so as to keep its casual feel, but I did crimp my hair slightly to add a bit of unusual flare.  The longer sleeves and floor length dress look warm and cozy, but the flowy and thin fabric make this outfit comfortable even when the weather is much warmer.