This week I ventured out to try and both make and drink something that I’ve never had before: MOCKtails!  A summer favorite for sure, refreshing drinks like these are very popular this season, and so I decided to try out some recipes for taste and difficulty!

Note: This post is a reaction to mocktails not a ‘how to’.  If you’d like to try any of the recipes I talk about I’ve linked to the website I used.  Enjoy!

Virgin Grapefruit Mojito (

This was my least favorite recipe of all the ones that I tried, but I did enjoy it.  I have a major sweet tooth and sometimes I find things that are milder or bitterer in flavor to be less satisfying.  If that tastes suits you, or if you really like grapefruit, you’ll definitely enjoy this recipe (my dad certainly did).

This recipe was also the most complicated of the three because there were more steps, but it will not take you more than 15 minutes to complete, so it is still a fairly simple recipe.

Mexican Chocolate Mocktini ( ):

I had mixed feelings about this drink.  It tasted like cold, liquid brownies (my mom said it just tasted like fancy chocolate milk).  If you’re into savory-sweet, this recipe should be a great pick for you.

This recipe definitely took the longest, but it is very straight forward and easy to make.  It does require the most ingredients out of all these recipes so keep that in mind.

Pom-berry Bellini ( ):

This recipe was my absolute favorite.  I didn’t think I would like it as much because I tend not to enjoy things that are primarily or overwhelmingly berry flavored, but this recipe was so tasty and super refreshing.  Out of the three this recipe felt the most ‘summery’.

This recipe was also the simplest to make.  Three ingredients, a few simple steps and enough to make plenty of drinks for everyone, I recommend that if you tackle any of these recipes this summer that this is one of them.

If you’re looking for something new to try this summer, I recommend looking into these mocktail recipes; I had a blast taste-testing these fancy beverages so I know you will too!!