On Tuesday, October 6, I had an amazing evening out with some friends, but also some pilots!  And I don’t mean the ones that fly planes.  The Midwest Independent Film Festival hosted its monthly event that evening, but for the first time in its history, it showed pilot television shows that will be heading out to New York for the New York Television Festival later this month.  Opening with a ‘Producers Panel’ where the audience could ask producer/director Sandford Bookstaver about his life and film, the festival showed seven different pilots ranging from thriller and sci-fi to comedy and even reality!  Being an active lover of comedy, I the comedic shows won my favor, but all the shows were extremely creative.  A spoof reality kicked off the event with its three minute trailer for Jones Sweet A** TV Pitch (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgcRLmrtK-U).  Bad Ambulance is the horror thriller of the group, with an intriguing story and fantastic aesthetics about a fake ambulance looking for AB- blood.  Love Spitters is a reality game show where emcees must rap battle it out for a date with a ‘hip hop vixen’.  I personally loved the rap battles in this feature, even though it’s not a show I would normally find myself watching.  Man Scout, one of my personal favorites, depicts a man who strives to earn the Boy Scout badges he never could as a kid.  The Wake, a sci-fi drama, shows a post-apocalyptic world threatened by a mysterious and powerful being from a broken down factory.  This particular pilot also had a mystery feel to it, and I could definitely find myself tuning in weekly for this show.  The Jamz, which was originally a mini-series online, is a comedy about an early morning radio show and the studio it is run from (http://vimeo.com/angeltonight/videos).  The very last pilot we saw, Apartment Guy, is a comedy about a group of real estate agents trying to sell apartments.  Out of all the pilots, this one had the most artistic cinematography and direction, and the plot was a bit complex and deep.  Overall there was nothing about Tuesday evening that wasn’t enlightening or entertaining.  If you’re from the Chicago area, I highly suggest that you take a look at their website for future events (http://www.midwestfilm.com/pages/home/1.php ).