Hey guys!  So this time last week, I had the amazing privilege of attending my first ever Chicago International Film Festival screening.  And although I was only able to see one film, and I didn’t interact with the festival as much as I would have liked, I was very happy to be able to go and experience it.

It was held at the AMC theater on Illinois Street (I’m not sure if that’s where it’s held regularly or not) and. let me jest say, that place is HUGE!  I think this is the first time (no! second) I’ve been to a movie theater in Chicago (besides the school’s theater of course).  The first time was in a small local theater on the North side.  Everything in downtown Chicago is big, man, I mean, like ‘the-Super-Size-Me-option-at-McDonald’s’ big.  But I digress.

I went and saw a German documentary film called Concrete Love.  I wanted to see a narrative film considering that’s the field I’m going into, but I had a very limited time frame available to me to actualy go to one screening.  Of course, it was amazing anyways.  It was a lovely story about a famous architect, Gottfried Böhm and his family and artistic life.  The best part, though, was Maurizius Staerkle-Drux, the director.  He was soooo sweet and happy, and it was amazing to hear him talk about his filming experience and his artistic choices.  He was also taking a picture of all the audiences who came to his film to send to Gottfried because he doesn’t believe that anyone would want to watch a film about him.  I just thought that was the most adorable thing.

I’m hoping, especially after this positive experience, that I can get a pass to the whole festival in the near future.  It’s definitely a filmmakers heaven!


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