Last semester I had the great privilege of taking an introductory audio course where one of our big projects was to analyze the soundtrack of a particular movie.  As you may have guessed, my particular movie was Amelié.  Since I was analyzing and writing a paper on this movie, I also was required to watch it a lot (I mean we’re talking 6-7 times in a week).  The good thing is I absolutely fell in love with this film and that’s why I’m reviewing it today.

Amelié is a French film (with subtitles) that you can watch on Netflix; I highly recommend you go and watch it RIGHT NOW!  While it is not explicitly stated, I feel like the movie really captured our understanding and discovery of love and relationships.  And not just romantic love but self-love, platonic love, family love and appreciation as well as the limits and complexity of love itself.  Without giving a synopsis of the story, it’s hard to do each aspect of love that the movie encounters justice, so I’ll briefly just give you a rundown of my favorite parts.

Firstly, it’s important to point out that I identify very strongly with Amelié, the main character of the film.  I’m not a very outgoing person and I’m definitely more comfortable living within the confines of my imagination rather than venturing out into the world to find adventure.  Amelié discovers a part of herself in this film that is adventurous and more open, but she doesn’t change who she really is.  She learns to appreciate and help other people and open herself up to others, but she’s still quiet and introverted and the self-discovery she goes through doesn’t change that about her.  So that would be reason number one as to why Kelly loves this film.  The other great thing I loved about this film was the little things that made you feel so good.  The two particular incidents that I loved the most were when Amelié walks the blind man down the street and explains to him all this things he can’t see, and when you see the ‘failed writer’ Hipolito’s quote gratified on a wall knowing that it was Amelié that put it there.  These acts, as well as many others that she did throughout the film, just made me feel so happy and good.  I love the way this movie makes me feel and I think that’s extremely important in any film you watch.

Not only was the film very artsy and fun to watch, but the music was also amazing!  One of the things that really sells me on a film is the score music because it really sets the emotional tone in a movie and pulls all the other aspects into place.  The music in this movie was not only fitting, but it was…I don’t even know how to describe it, but I listen to it now and it just relaxes me in the best kind of way.  If you love movie scores like I do, go and check this score out (please see the movie as well because it’s great!).

All in all, this movie has an incredibly moving and engaging story with compelling characters, great music and the most memorable moments.  Highly highly highly recommend that you watch it and suggest it to your friends!

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