Today I am ‘singing’ praises to one of my all-time favorite films, Singing in the Rain.  I’m always a sucker for ‘feel good’ films; old romantic comedies really do it for me, as far as comfort films go.  Anyways, if you haven’t already seen Singing in the Rain…what are you doing???  I’m kidding; in truth though if you love films as much as I do, you should definitely see this film.  It is so iconic and memorable, and it hits on an important time in film history.  The movie takes place in 1927, just before The Jazz Singer hits theatres as the first talking picture in history.  Essentially in this period of film history, in order to gain more popularity and ‘replay ability’ for the new talking pictures, many studios started producing more musical films.  Singing in the Rain is a reflection of Hollywood’s historical reaction to this technological shift.  In order to keep the studio running, Monumental Pictures turns the Dueling Cavalier into the Dancing Cavalier and jumps onto the musical film bandwagon, while also being a musical films itself.

Besides the absolutely incredible story concept, this movie is also a tap dancer’s dream!  Confession time: I used to dance when I was very little and picked it up again a couple of years ago just for something fun to do, and it was always tap that was my favorite.  I don’t know what it is about tap dancing, but it makes me feel like smiling a big goofy smile at nothing in particular.  And the tap numbers in this film are to die for.  Moses Supposes is my personal favorite, but the iconic Singing in the Rain number as well as Good Morning are stunning as well.  The other thing that I take away from this film that makes me feel like smiling is the witty dialogue.  Cosmo is certainly one of my all-time favorite film characters because he just has some of the best lines including “You have to show a movie at a party.  It’s a Hollywood law”.

All in all, this is one of my most all-time favorite films and I will never ever get tired of watching it.


**Just a quick update for this particular section of my blog, I really like gushing about some of my favorite films in this section (as I already have), but I want to use this also as a place to encourage exploration in film.  So for the first Thursday of every month I’ll be ‘reviewing’ an old favorite of mine, but on the third Thursday of every month I’ll be exploring a title I am totally unfamiliar with.  I’ll write a bit about my first impressions, my thoughts before and after watching and of course I’ll review it and recommend it as I see fit.  So if you have any suggestions for films you’d like me to look into that might not be super popular or well know, be sure to send me an email at**