Spaghetti is a very common meal, but it is never good enough to satisfy your taste buds all by itself.  The greatest thing about spaghetti is that it allows you to go in so many different directions, flavor-wise.  This quick and easy way to spice up your spaghetti will make a quick but tasteful meal out of a somewhat bland dish.

What you will need:

-Spaghetti (a little obvious, don’t you think?)

-Olive Oil

-Basil (it doesn’t have to be fresh, although it is much better that way)

-Parsley (see Basil above)

-Garlic (see Basil above)

-Parmesan Cheese

What you will do:S1010038

This is why this ‘recipe’ is so easy; the ingredients listed above (aside from the spaghetti) are some of my favorite flavors and some of my favorite things to put on spaghetti.  Each ingredient could be substituted for other things (i.e. your personal favorite kind of cheese or your favorite flavorful herb) and it will be just as good!  I always put the olive oil on first to act as a kind of sauce on my spaghetti, then I put on the herbs and garlic, and lastly I sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on it and BON APPETIT!  There are no measurements needed, just put as much on as you feel you need for it to taste the best!  Quick, easy, and almost a gourmet meal for one!