It seems rather fitting that I missed last week’s post.  I feel like I wouldn’t quite be myself if I didn’t miss at least one of my own deadlines in the New Year.

The New Year has proven to be both a refresher and a challenge, as I had hoped it would be.  Since I am very fond of scheduling and bad at meeting deadlines, as you might assume, I have found a way to make sure I stay on top of things and I am so happy to say that, thus far, it has worked!  You may think me quite funny for doing it, but I have taken the assignments from all my classes, as well as the videos I intend to post, and scheduled when I’m going to do them all.  When I should read certain chapters and when I should edit certain videos.  Of course, I wrote it all out on a line of seemingly never-ending post-it notes, but seeing as it works, I’m not about to change it.

photo (6)

As far as videos go I’m also quite up to date!  I just posted a video about making The Lesson, which I was quite proud of.  This week you’ll see a new little production I made about being home alone.  Naturally, the idea came to me on my last week of winter break when I would spend a majority of my time alone in a big house with nothing to do.  So I decided to make a comedic skit out of it and it is something I hope that you will enjoy.  It will be coming out this Tuesday so keep an eye out.

Outside of school and YouTube, I haven’t really done much else.  I am definitely one to keep to myself, so to myself I have kept.  I am currently drowning in an obsession with a show called Downton Abbey, which I obviously highly recommend.  With that, YouTube and Netflix at my fingertips, I find that most of my free time is spent watching things on my computer.  My roommate and I, along with another friend of ours, also like to have movie nights every once in a while.  The great thing is I find it very helpful when writing story and video ideas.  I can recognize the director’s style and why they might’ve chosen that particular style.  Match-on-actions and continuity are so much easier to spot when you know that they are there.  So I wouldn’t say my binge watching habit has been a total waste of my time.  You could say I’m just preparing myself for my days in the industry.

Anyways, I must get ready to embrace next week; career week is coming up which will definitely make the next few days extremely busy.

Until next week,