Another week has passed and another weekly update is here for you to enjoy!!!

As you might have noticed, there hasn’t been another post since the last weekly update that I did!  Well, I have them all written, but I didn’t have them all written on time.  You see, I just got back from Fall Break yesterday and, to be honest, I was not feeling it over break.  It’s a break!  I should have stuck with it seeing as I finally found some time where I wasn’t slaving over school work, but I really couldn’t get some of my ideas out on type in time and so all of them are effectively late.  Those post will still be going up though!  Three of them go up tonight.  The fourth (FOOD|LoveKelRenee post) was actually a video that didn’t get exported in time because if I had waited for it, I would have missed my bus.  That will be going up as well but not until tomorrow.  This next week should run a little bit more smoothly, but one can never tell.

Fall break did allow me to step back and breath a bit, which I desperately needed.  It also allowed me to reconnect with my family and do some fun things back home (like watch little league baseball games and go shopping), but it also gave me the opportunity to get some not so fun things done too.  Now you already know from last paragraph that I’m not talking about school work because, trust me, none on that was even touched over break.  No, I’m referring to my mother-fluffing teeth!!  Fun fact about me; I was born without one of my adult teeth.  The baby tooth was there, but the adult tooth was not.  When I had braces (and after when I got my retainer), I was able to keep the gap in my teeth open to it didn’t mess with my beautiful smile 🙂 but eventually I would need to get an implant.  Long story short, I got surgery last summer that didn’t get acted upon until this summer where I needed to schedule two more appointments than I originally anticipated and now that that’s all finished, I still have two more appointments to go to over Thanksgiving Break.  So I hope you’ll forgive my language but DAMN YOU, YOU FUCKING MISSING TOOTH!  NO ONE SAID YOU COULD TAKE A HOLIDAY!  THANKS FOR NOTHING, YOU ASSHOLE!

Expletives aside, I am finally at the end of this ‘missing tooth’ adventure and I couldn’t be happier.  Of course, I have to get my wisdom teeth out over Winter Break so….

Anyways, I also saw The Intern over break and, while I thought the idea was solid and intriguing, the execution of it was mediocre.  Still, a very nice ‘feel-good’ movie, if you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

Now it’s back to the grind and back to procrastinating on everything so thoroughly that I’m already in tears.  Hope your week it looking better than mine!