Three weeks, two papers, a group presentation, getting caught in the rain, a computer update, all my laundry, my first day of work, an almost failed film shoot, and a Yu Gi Oh! marathon (don’t ask) later, I have finally gotten around to giving my second weekly update.

To say that the last ‘week’ has been a roller coaster of emotions for me would be a dramatic understatement.  Labor day was quiet but the most productive I’ve been almost all year!  Then Tuesday came along, and, even though I had to lug a bunch of film equipment downtown in the pouring rain, I was the happiest I’ve felt in a long time.

Then I learned two days before Thursday that I was going to give a presentation in class that day, and I learned on Sunday that I had a paper due on Monday that I didn’t even know about.  And I still had a whole other paper to write by Tuesday!  Talk about a hectic start to your week!!

Then of course comes the downward spiral into nothingness when you know you have a lot to do but it becomes so overwhelming to think about that nothing gets done.  So the next Sunday comes around and I’m thoroughly stressed out because I had so much to do and not enough time to do it.  Not only was I scheduled to work six hours and about three hours behind on homework, but I also had to shoot my first production project for a class that morning.  And low and behold, I made the mistake of asking my friend to work with me on a project.  If you are going into film work (or communication work in general), do not ask your friends to help you; instead ask your peers and network of colleagues who understand the importance of the work you’re doing.  Naturally, I thought that this wouldn’t be a problem because said friend is going into the same field as me and should know the importance of timeliness and commitment.  I was wrong.  I was oh so very wrong.  So said friend made some mistakes (I’ll let you interpret that as you will), and he asked for our shooting time to get pushed back only to sleep through said new time and forcing me to find a new actor in under ten minutes who had never seen the script before!!  I have never been so angry at an individual person in my entire life (it also probably didn’t help that my stress levels had long since broken their threshold).

And even though all the days since then have been just as hectic, it has gotten significantly better, and I can feel myself getting my footing once again.  I have decided (as you probably noticed) to wait until October to start blogging again.  I’m going to shift the time of my weekly updates to Wednesday (so today) and you’ll be seeing a brand new post up tomorrow, a symbol of my triumph over the stress of the past three weeks.  I’d forgotten how hard it is to get other things done while school is happening.  I’m marathoning an old kids show to de-stress for Christ’s sake!!

I will have a YouTube video up next week though (so exciting) and another one up a week after that!!  One of the benefits of being in a production class is that you have to make videos for your grade :).

Anyways, who knows what the next week will hold (although I hope it stays calm for a while…especially with Fall  Break happening this weekend), but I hope to see you there!