Hey everyone and welcome to my first ever weekly update!

Seeing as I consider this blog, and by extension my channel, as a kind of personal diary of the work and experiences in my life, I felt like it was appropriate to create a post that would act solely as a diary entry to log the activities of my day to day life.  I promise to never bore you with the contents of my meals or start every entry with ‘I woke up’, but instead share with you my personal shifts in mood and muse, and amuse you with my pointless venting about the ridiculousness of the world, while also describing my equal and unwavering fascination of it.  As it is hopefully clear to you, we have just entered the second week of September (for me, the third week back in college life) and I am happy to conclude that I have finally arrived at a somewhat decent schedule to keep.  That being said, I want to point out that this new schedule will effect this blog and my channel as well.  I attempted to create a sort of schedule over the summer thinking that I had enough time to get everything that I needed to get done done and, if you’ve been paying enough attention, you’ll know that even being on summer vacation, I was still unable to get posts and videos up on time.  I wish to change that this year although I may have dug my own grave in doing so.  Over the summer I had this brilliant idea to create genre-ed posts (hence the FILM, FOOD, FASHION and FREESTYLE categories) and I had hoped that I could post in each genre on a weekly basis.  Now seeing as I failed miserably over the summer at keeping a pretty lenient schedule, I highly doubt that this new way of doing things will last very long, BUT I am prepared to try nonetheless.  This week I managed to get all four posts up, but three of the four were posted in a single day.  In future, I hope to spread these out over the week, starting on Thursday, ending on Sunday and opening the week with another update like this.  The videos that get put up on my channel however do not have a set schedule yet in my mind’s eye.  There are some future blog posts that I would like to put up in video form and those will most definitely be found on my channel, but I don’t know if I’ll be keeping with the ‘once a month’ videos I tried to keep up with over the summer.

I know this has been a long bit for just a little updating/housekeeping, but I like to know that other people know to  expect of me; it helps me to keep myself motivated toward my own goals.  And thus concludes my first weekly update.

(If you believe me to sound somewhat more scholarly than I normally do on this platform, don’t fret, you’re probably right.  I have just spent my entire labor day reading articles about the Jacksonian Era politics and Fredrick Douglass’s Narrative along with a variety of other school-related texts.  I tend to reflect in writing what I have currently been reading and therefore this probably sounds strange.  I’ve read it and it sounds strange.  Just thought I’d let you know that I don’t just turn scholarly when not talking about food, or perhaps that I don’t dumb down my writing to talk about food.  Either way, I just wanted to assure you that this is as strange as you think it might be.)