Recently, while adventuring after a field trip with a film class, I had the amazing opportunity to try a new restaurant!  We were off the Pink line trying to get a burger from Au Cheval, which is supposed to have one of the best burgers you’ve ever tasted.  Alas, hungry friends don’t want to wait an hour and a half for a burger, so we decided we would eat at a place we passed on the way to the burger joint called the Little Goat Diner.  This place was adorable!  I’m not sure if it was the subtle goat theme or the simplistic dining area or the amazingly attentive and generous staff, but I absolutely loved this little place.

Just a couple blocks East of the Morgan Pink line stop, it was a nice walk down a road that seemed to be dedicated to interesting restaurants (which might not have been the best adventure idea for a couple of hungry people).  Anyways, after deciding that we were too hungry to wait at Au Cheval, we headed back to the Little Goat Diner because it looked like it wasn’t too fancy of a restaurant that us broke college kids would be breaking the bank just to get a simple meal.  It wasn’t the cheapest place I’ve ever eaten; it was upscale enough that my meal could’ve bought me four or five meals at McDonald’s, but it was far from the most expensive thing I’ve bought food-wise in my entire life.  The best part, though, was that they had their breakfast menu open all day.  Breakfast for dinner, anyone? (aka Kelly’s all time favorite kind of dinner!)  If I remember correctly, their breakfast menu is actually available at all times when you come in to eat!  That definitely sold me on them before I even tried the food.

As you can probably guess, I got a waffle for dinner.  But not just any waffle; no, I got the Fat Elvis Waffles (no joke) with peanut butter-butter, bananas, and bacon maple syrup.  I was in love with these waffles…then I ate it, but honestly, I wasn’t too sad to see it go.  It was amazing!  My friend had a really simple burger, but she said it was also amazing!  This restaurant is really a great one to put on your list.  Happy atmosphere, good food, decent pricing, a great place to chill with friends and eat a good meal.  Highly recommend you give it a visit next time you’re traveling around Chicago.  They also have an adorable website that you can check out ( before you go!

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