It’s that time of year again; no, I’m not talking about holiday spirit and crazy Christmas shopping and cheer.  No no, this is much worse.  That’s right, it’s finals week.  For those of you who don’t experience the same hell that is finals week as much of the rest of us do (and you should be eternally grateful if you don’t), it is essentially when all your classes come to an end or to their quintessential midpoint and you’re tested on your progress in that particular subject.  Two hour tests, shit tons of essays and gigantic projects all due in the same 7 day span.  So it is impossible to deny that the next week will bring endless studying and late nights for all.  That’s why this week’s ‘Where to Eat’ is a college students’ best friend, Insomnia Cookies.

Besides having some of the best tasting cookies that I’ve ever had, Insomnia Cookies is designed specifically for students who are cramming for exams at 1 in the morning.  They deliver right to you (if you’re close enough, of course) AND they deliver between noon and 3 am (hours may vary by store location).  I am seriously in love with these cookies, and having them delivered right to my honors study session as I cry into my last paper is definitely a day maker.  So if you have the opportunity to try out these amazing cookies this dreaded time of year, I would highly recommend you trust them to be a proper pick-me-up.  Check out their website: and try the double chocolate mint while your at it (it’s my personal favorite).

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